Four Women







Some would say this is a color study. I see four women that I have known. These were painted from 2006 to 2008 and exhibited at a group show, curated by Terry Lin,  at a Santa Monica Airport gallery in 2008. To date, this is the only painting to be signed on the front. All of the other Stu Coleman Paintings are signed on the back as to not distract from the the art.

This piece consists of four 11″ x 14″canvas boards attached with velcro to a painted piece of plywood and framed with white pine. the paintings can be rearranged to suit.

A rare piece, unlikely to be duplicated.

There is a great song by Nina Simone called Four Women and here is the video

Painted in 2006-2008
48″ x 16″

Painting of Women.
Acrylic on canvas. Pine frame.