2012 – Perdition




Perdition a really large splash of heat Painting by Stu Coleman

Perdition from 2012 embraces the fiery depths of passion or the eternal summer vacation that is life in the afterlife of Hades or even more southerly nether region, Tartarus. (Not to be confused with that other warm, moist, nether region, third base.)

While many superstitious believers hold that Hell is  the eternal fate of unrepentant sinners after this life, most modern believers in science know Hell to be waiting at the DMV, being on a long airplane flight with crying babies, some variation of being in a traffic jam, far from an off-ramp when you really have to pee or as Sartre so aptly put it, Hell is other people

And while the rages of gin is bereft among teetotalers, the gift of warm colors ranges from yellow to Almighty Red.  Romans 6:23a

By believing in all of the colors of the rainbow, and not just the watery, beachy ones, Artist Stu Coleman has embraced the soul’s free choice to imagine a warm world with consuming heat. This the largest of the Perdition series, with most of the others being smaller vertical paintings.


Painted in 2012
48″ x 30″

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